Sports Trading Cards

Crime Prevention / Sports Trading Cards

Each year, MCPA partners with the Minnesota Twins and Park Printing to offer sports trading cards featuring crime prevention tips. Approximately 70,000 sets of MCPA/MN Twins cards are printed annually. The cards are available free of cost (excluding shipping) to member law enforcement agencies in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota for their use.

In addition, approximately 10,000 sets of trading cards are distributed at a Twins game each May. Volunteers from numerous agencies assist in the card give-away at the gates. Participation in this event has helped to heighten awareness for MCPA and crime prevention and put cards in the hands of many children who may not otherwise have received them.

In the past, other Minnesota sports teams have been featured on the cards as well.

The Sports/Crime Prevention Trading Card committee typically meets once a month January through May. MCPA encourages all members to participate in this sub-committee to help develop the trading card themes and tips each year.